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Lease to Own 

Pascagoula is a city on the move! We are proud to be part of the revitalization of a city which played such an important role in Mississippi’s history. During this exciting time, it is a great opportunity to invest in a brand new Courtyard Home.


We are excited to offer our 6 Month to One Year Lease-to-Own program for those who may not have the credit available at this current time. The lease option enables you to live in the home while you work to build your credit towards applying for a mortgage.


Lease-to-Own homes involve both a lease (rental agreement) and a purchase contract. There are several benefits to going through this process such as:


  • While home values are going up, you’re able to lock in today’s price and buy later.

  • Avoid the hassles and expense of moving by renting and then owning the same home.

  • You can “test drive” the home, location and all of the many features available before buying the home.




  1. Speak with one of our preferred lenders regarding loan qualification and the steps needed to get there.

  2. Once our lender determines your ability to obtain a mortgage within 6 months to 1 year, a lease-to-own agreement is signed.

  3. Make monthly rent payments for a minimum of 6 months.

  4. At the end of the period, our Preferred Lenders will again help you determine your best options, whether it be moving forward with the purchase price as agreed previously or extending the lease-to-own agreement.


For more information on our Lease-to-Own Program, please contact Tammy Washer with Alfonso Property Management at 228-255-5288 or email

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